Beauty Redefined

The aim of my BFA Design Thesis, Beauty Redefined, was to directly challenge the Eurocentric beauty standards promoted by high fashion magazines. For too long, the beauty and fashion industries have convinced women all over the world that having lighter skin, thinner bodies, straighter hair, and more anglicized features were the only ways to be beautiful, and companies have relentlessly capitalized off of women’s resulting insecurities. This project was a way of telling those industries, “no more.” The prints seen here are full page advertisements ripped straight from high fashion magazines like Elle, Vogue, or Harper’s Bazaar and feature models that are (to no one’s surprise) thin, white, and straight-haired. Through illustration and silkscreen printing, these models and the beauty standards they represent are visually obstructed by hand-drawn images of women who represent the non-Eurocentric side of beauty. Illustrations of women with curly and kinky hair, broader noses, fuller lips, deeper skin tones, and plus sized figures dominate the magazine pages, and for once, the glossy, high fashion images of Western beauty have to take the back seat.